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AIHP Annual Business Meeting

30 November 2016
2 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Films of the historical craft of the pharmacist in Denmark

Manufacturing of medicines are shown in a series of films available on the Danish Foundation of the History of Pharmacy website:

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Customers,
As many of you probably know, I moved last year. After moving over 9,000 books I realized that I no longer need 9,000 books. I have decided to start the process of downsizing my library. This is the first of what I expect will be several cullings from the library over the next 10-15 years. It includes rare books (Sargent’s Silva, Tournefort’s Institutiones Rei Herbarie and Cavanilles Descripcion De Las Plantas, scarce items in many categories and many signed books and offprints. All are priced below comparative books on the internet. While I am happy to sell you a book or two, I would rather sell as many books as possible to a few people. I am no longer set up as a bookseller, so if you are serious about buying in volume (minimum purchase $1,000.00)) I encourage you to make an appointment and pick out and pick up your books. It saves me time and having to pack and ship books. Large orders of multiple titles will be given further discounts ($1500.00=15% discount, $2500.00=20% discount, over $5,000.00=25% discount). I hope you enjoy the treasure hunt as much as I did finding all these gems.
Please email to or fax your order to 484-308-1561 You will receive a confirmation email with shipping costs included. See the updated book list here.

The American Institute of the History of Pharmacy fosters the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge concerning the history of the pharmaceutical field.


The Bristol Myers Squibb Collection:  Now On-Line

After a quarter century the Bristol Myers Squibb 18th Century European Apothecary is again on view to the public.  Over one-thousand objects from this world famous collection have been digitized and are now available to see through the National Museum of American History website.

The BMS Collection, also known as the Jo Meyer Collection and the Squibb Ancient Pharmacy includes mortars and pestles, brilliantly colored majolica containers, glass apothecary jars, copper distillation equipment, pharmacopeias, and the ubiquitous stuffed creatures associated with old world apothecaries.         

Digitized images of individual objects provide links to catalogue information and descriptions. However, the website is more than just a catalogue of objects. It is a biography of an extraordinary collection that has survived intact for more than one-hundred years.  The site traces the early history of the collection in Germany, as well as its exhibition at the 1911 International Hygiene Exposition in Dresden and, then at the 1933 Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago.  Later sections explore the collection’s history at the Smithsonian Institution.   

I would love to hear back from anyone with comments or insights into the collection, corrections, or additions.  The website has a feature which allows the visitor to leave comments or questions for the different objects.  You can also send comments to  ---Judy Chelnick

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